Adding Integers
 GOAL: I can add positive and negative numbers without using a calculator

 Learning Standards  Common Core Standard: 7.EE.1

GREEN BOOK Reference:
Pages: 64 ─ 67

Practice on page 67,
#13-39 odds.

RED BOOK Reference:

Pages: 73 ─ 77

 Practice on page 76,
#17-27 odds.
BLACK BOOK Reference:
Pages: 30 ─ 34

Practice on page 34,
#11-25 odds.

 Practices (with answers)  
 Adding Integers (ver. 1)

 Adding Integers (ver. 2)

 Adding Integers (ver. 3)

 Lesson Vocabulary  
  Integer  Positive and negative numbers that are not fractions and do not have decimals.

 Video Tutorials    
Topic Description  Time (min: sec)
Adding Integers  Introduction (CCC Streaming Media)  3:46
 Adding Negative Integers  Introduction (Kahn Academy)  5:41
 Adding Positive and Negative Integers  Another good video (Kahn Academy)  5:32
 Adding Numbers with the
Same Signs or Different Signs
 Current Algebra Textbook, Chap 1, Sec 5  5:00

Strategies and Content Practice
 What do you recall about adding positive numbers?
 What makes adding positive and negative or negative and negative numbers different?
Engage Here's a rhyme that sounds like "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" that might help you to remember how to add positive and negative numbers together...

Same Signs, Add and Keep
Different Signs, Subtract
Keep the Sign of the Bigger Number
Then You'll Be Exact.

After example problems and videos, try to solve the Practice Worksheets above.  The answers to the practices are on the last page so you can check how well you are doing.

Please see me for more help if you are having difficulty with the practices.