So What's This Thing Called Algebra?
GOAL: Understanding What Algebra Is

 Learning Standards  Common Core Standard: 7.EE.1

Lesson Vocabulary  
 Algebra  From the Arabic words "AL  JEBR", meaning "the coming together of parts".

 Video Tutorials    
Topic Description  Time (min: sec)
A Little History of Algebra
 Why Learn Algebra?  Fun Easy Learning Math Tutorial
 What is Algebra, Really?
 Algebra the Fun and Easy Way

Strategies and Content Practice 
What do you know or what have you heard about Algebra?

Let's watch some YouTube demonstration videos about the history of Algebra.


Discuss some of the topics in the videos i.e.,

1. Where did you see algebra being used?
2. What happens to your brain when you learn algebra?
3. Even if you do not grow up and have a job using algebra, what are the benefits to other areas of your life by learning algebra?