Understanding Slope
 GOAL: I understand the difference between positive , negative, zero, and undefined slope.
              I can calculate the slope of a line given two (X, Y) points on the line.

 Learning Standards  Common Core Standard: 8.EE.5
GREEN BOOK Reference:
Pages: 387 ─ 389
Practice on
pages 390-391,
#5 - 23 odds.

RED BOOK Reference:

Pages: 256 ─ 259
 Practice on
pages 359-360,
#5 - 29 odds.
   BLACK BOOK Reference:
Pages: 292 ─ 295
 Practice on
pages 296-297,
#11-25, and 33-37 odds.

 Practices (with answers)  Finding Slope from a Graph Calculating Slope from 2 Points
 Slope from a Graph (ver. 1)

 Slope from a Graph (ver. 2)

 Slope from a Graph (ver. 3)
 Slope from Two (X, Y) Points (ver. 1)

 Slope from Two (X, Y) Points (ver. 2)

 Slope from Two (X, Y) Points (ver. 3)

 Lesson Vocabulary  
  Slope  A measure of steepness.
 In math we study Slope as it applies to a line or line graph.
 In the real world, we use Slope as it applies to surfaces.
 Some examples include the Slope (pitch) of a roof; the Slope of a ramp for wheelchair access; the Slope of a road surface (like in mountainous areas); the takeoff and landing angle of a plane.

 Video and Tutorials    
Topic Description  Time (min: sec)
Affect of Slope on a Small Airplane  Too much Slope sounds cockpit alarm 1:13
Affect of Slope on a Small Airplane  Another example of too much Slope 0:53
Finding the Slope of a Line from a Graph  Courtesy of the Kahn Academy 4:40
Finding the Slope of a Line from a Graph 2  Courtesy of the Kahn Academy 8:28
 Calculating the Slope from Two (X, Y) Points Courtesy of the Kahn Academy7:12

Strategies and Content Practice 
 Can you identify positive, negative, zero, and undefined slopes?
 What makes a slope positive, negative, zero, or undefined?
Engage Discuss applications of slope.
Relate slope to real life concepts such as biking or skating uphill or downhill.
Relate slope to downhill skiing.

Model finding slope from a graph.
Work example problems in practice handout.

Model calculating slope from two points.
Work example problems in practice handout.
After example problems and videos, try to solve the Practice Worksheets above.
The answers to the practices are on the last page so students can check how well they are doing.

Please see me for more help if you are having difficulty with the practices.