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 Algebra Tiles

Algebra Tiles
 is one of the best interactive programs for demonstrating how to balance algebra equations.  This version offers students problems of the 1-Step variety, 2-step variety, and problems with variables on both sides of the equal sign.


The program is called Geogebra, which comes from Geometry and Algebra.  Which basically means that it's a visual tool to help you understand the link between these two topics.  For example, telling a student that there are 360 degrees in a circle is one thing.  Having the computer draw a circle and then watching as those degrees appear, counting up from 1 in steps of 45 or 90, brings everything to life.

That is, of course, an extremely simple example of what Geogebra can do, as you can see from the relative complexity of the screen shot below.  The quickest way to get an idea of its features is to search Youtube, where you can see some interesting demo videos. There's a good one athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUYn3FDo23A for a start.

Here is the GeoGebra home page where you can download a PC version of GeoGebra.  The home page also has additional information on how to use GeoGebra.

Interactive Slope of a Line DemonstratorClick and drag two points around the graph paper background while the interactive calculator computes the slope using the "Rise Over Run" format.  Pretty Cool!
Interactive Equation of a Circle PlotterClick and drag the center and radial points of a circle to produce the standard form equation of a circle.  Pretty Cool!

Interactive Parallel and Perpendicular Line Demonstrator
Click and drag the end points of two lines and watch the values of their slopes.

When the two lines are Parallel, a message will pop up saying so.  Compare the values of the slopes of the two lines are Parallel.

When the lines are Perpendicular, a message will pop up saying so.  Compare the values of the slopes of the two lines when the lines are Perpendicular.

This site is intended to give you an opportunity to practice randomly generated math problems online with instant feedback.  Categories include:
a) Basic math
b) Algebra
c) Geometry
d) Statistics
e) Trigonometry
f) Calculus